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The Fun Co rents a wide variety of stork signs and yard cards for every occasion. Our large (6 foot tall), fully personalized signs definitely make a statement. 

With the full compliment of smaller cards, everyone passing by will be fully aware of the special celebration.

You can announce the newborn baby with a stork delivery or have the stork show up at a baby shower! Pink, blue, twins or triplets--we have you covered!

We have signs for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, retirements or any Big Event! 

We have cards for both young and old birthdays.

How about a bunny and a dozen happy birthday signs for a child or an over-the-hill card with a yard full of tombstones for those over 40! Everyone on the street loves a personalized, "Honk for Bill -- He's Fifty" yard card!

Another fun card has several pink flamingos along with flock of their friends in the yard professing, "Look who flew in for Angie's 50th".

Forget flowers--send a yard card--the memories will last a lifetime, not just a few days!

Please stop by or give us a call 309-721-8810

We want you to have FUN!!!

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